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Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality Management

                                                                                      Tourism/Hotel Management

Tourism and hotel management encompass the comprehensive administration and operational tasks required to provide exceptional guest experiences and efficient service delivery in the hospitality industry. This field involves overseeing daily operations, including front desk services, housekeeping, food and beverage management, and maintenance. Managers in this sector are responsible for ensuring high standards of customer service, managing staff, and implementing effective marketing strategies to attract and retain guests. Additionally, they focus on revenue management, optimizing pricing strategies, and maximizing occupancy rates to achieve financial goals.

Moreover, tourism and hotel management requires a keen understanding of industry trends, customer preferences, and sustainable practices. Managers must stay updated on the latest technologies for booking and customer relationship management, as well as adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. They are also tasked with creating memorable guest experiences through personalized services and amenities. Effective management in this sector leads to enhanced guest satisfaction, increased loyalty, and overall business success, positioning the establishment favorably in a competitive market.

Our Hospitality Management program equips students with essential skills for successful careers in the hospitality industry. The curriculum covers hotel and restaurant management, event planning, tourism services, customer service excellence, and marketing. Key features include industry-relevant coursework, practical experience through internships, state-of-the-art facilities, and robust career support. Graduates can pursue roles such as hotel manager, restaurant manager, event planner, and tourism consultant. Admission requirements include a high school diploma, minimum age of 18, and proficiency in English. For more information, visit our website 

Course Fee: ₦180,000


Duration: 10 Weeks

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