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Airport Operation, Security and Safety Management

                                                                       Airport Operation, Security, and Safety Management

Airport operation management encompasses the coordination of various activities to ensure the efficient functioning of an airport. This includes overseeing passenger services, baggage handling, aircraft maintenance, and air traffic control. Effective airport operations require meticulous planning and collaboration among airlines, ground services, and regulatory bodies. Key responsibilities also involve optimizing the use of airport infrastructure and resources, managing delays and disruptions, and ensuring a smooth flow of passengers and cargo.

Security and safety management are critical components of airport operations. This involves implementing stringent security measures to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate threats such as terrorism and smuggling. Security protocols include passenger and luggage screening, surveillance systems, and emergency response planning. Safety management focuses on ensuring compliance with aviation safety standards, conducting regular inspections and maintenance, and providing training for airport staff. Together, these practices are essential for protecting passengers, staff, and aircraft, ensuring safe and secure airport environments.



Course Fee: ₦315,000


Duration: 8 Weeks

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